Overview of a WebCenter Installation

The WebCenter installation procedure involves a number of different steps that need to be performed in a specific order.

The table below shows a list of the steps required to install WebCenter either for the first time or as an upgrade:




Check the Requirements and perform pre-installation work:


Installing WebCenter:

  1. Install SQL Server 2012 Express Edition on the Database Server
  2. Install ArtiosCAD on the Application Server
  3. Install the WebCenter Application Server
  4. Install the WebCenter Web Server
  5. Start the WebCenter Services
  6. Install the On-Board Graphics Engine (OBGE) on the Application Server


Testing WebCenter


Configuring WebCenter:

  1. Configure the OBGE
  2. Configuring the E-Mail Notifications
  3. Secure your WebCenter Site with SSL
  4. Install Certificates for LDAPS on the Application Server
  5. Integrate WebCenter with a Workflow Production Server
  6. Expose WebCenter to the Internet
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