Decimal Input

Use this parameter to change the type of data you can enter in the Code field.

Note: When using binary format for the Laetus Pharma Code/CLF-8 barcode data, you need to use a special "Pharma" binary format.

To convert a decimal number into a Pharma binary number, do the following:

  1. Add 1 to your decimal number.
  2. Convert the result to a binary number using a regular binary conversion algorithm.
  3. Remove the first digit (which is 1).

You now have your Pharma binary input for the Laetus Pharma Code/CLF-8 barcode.

For example, you want to encode the number 3.

  1. 3+1=4
  2. 4 in binary is 100.
  3. Without the first digit, it's 00.

Enter 00 in the Code field of your Laetus Pharma Code/CLF-8 barcode.

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