Open or Place from Shapes

The Shapes Store is a constantly growing online collection of quality 3D models in Collada file format. If you have a subscription or maintenance contract for Studio or ArtiosCAD, you can download all available models. The section "free samples" are free for anyone with an Esko ID.

You can open files from Shapes directly or place them into existing Illustrator files by using the commands in File > Structural Design .

Opening and placing a file from Shapes follows the same general workflow. This example will show you how to place a Shapes file.

  1. In an open Illustrator document, click File > Structural Design > Place from Shapes... .

    In order to access the Shapes store, you need to enter your Esko ID when opening the Shapes window for the first time. You can also enter it or change to a different Esko ID in the Shapes Preferences dialog in Preferences > Esko > Shapes Preferences .

    There is a "Shapes Store" section where you can browse all the models on the cloud, and a "Library" section, where you see all the assets that you have downloaded so far. When opening the Shapes window, the last used section will be active.

  2. If you want to use a new Shape, choose it and download it. It gets downloaded to your local machine’s Shapes Library.

  3. If you downloaded a new Shape, the Shapes window should switch to the Shapes Library automatically. To use an existing Shape, click Library in the Shapes window. Select the desired Shape and click Place.

  4. The Shape is either placed in the open Illustrator document or opened as a new document. Only the printable area of the Shape is visible in Illustrator. If you have one of the Studio products, use the Studio palette to view the Shape with the printable area.

Shown below is a bottle from Shapes with the label designed in Illustrator and with the 3D model shown in the Studio palette.

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